for all levels – children to seniors

In each class we will experiment with a different medium and a different subject, using:

  • charcoal

  • pastel

  • tempera paints

  • watercolor

  • mixed media

  • craft materials

We will consider "different ways of seeing" and explore our creativity with fun projects, making: 

  • still-lifes

  • portraits

  • abstracts

  • collages

  • crafts

We will create a finished project in each class (or students can finish in their free time).

Lessons customized to suit the interests and abilities of the participants.


"Tessa is my favorite art teacher that that I've had - from kindergarten and up."

      – Sophia, 5th grader

"My favorite project is when we did the drawings of the cats - but I loved them all."

      – Lila, 3rd grader

"Tessa speaks to the children with respect, and explains things in a way that they understand  and make them want to do the projects."

      – parent